Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Forest study - foliage with sea sponge

This forest study is a bit larger (14x10 inches) than my usual small studies, and it is mainly practice of foliage texture with a sea sponge.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Imaginary seascapes - monochrome studies

These were done while demoing the monochrome power (value studies) at the workshop I do at the Community Center for seniors (beginners). It is something they like very much, because there are no strict rules to follows, just play with water (mostly) on the paper, and then just add a bit more of the same color here and there, and some picture will appear with out much effort. A few more details on the dry paper, and here we are:

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Summer mood - ACEO seascape studies

With all this hot weather and our visits at various seaside locations, I had to paint some seascapes: waves, sand beaches, and some tropical palm trees. Although imaginary, they are kind of ideal places for my vacation!
Here are the three little ACEOs (3.5x2.5 inches):

Two still life studies

These are also done without any pencil drawing, just studying some still life.  The first is a big pot we have at the village house, and usually has a little olive tree planted. When it gets too big, we move it in the garden and plant a new little one - we just had it ready for the new one. In the second there are some fresh strawberries I got from the market. Both sketches are 5x7 inches in size.

Catching up - a few outdoor little sketches

These are some little sketches (5x7 inches), which I did outdoor with free brush (no preliminary pencil drawing) just as exercises. Although they don't have any real value as paintings, every time I do one I learn a bit of "do and don't", and I think this is what they count for.