Friday, 22 November 2013

Cherries in a Colander

Sometime ago, at the beginning of the summer, after a few hours spent in the open market I got at home with many bags full of fruits: cherries, peaches, strawberries. While washing them in a strainer (colander) I loved the contrast between the metal and the fruits, and the light coming through the holes of the colander. Taking photos (and adding them to a huge archive, which I go through from time to time to refresh memories of places, people, things, feelings and moods) is something that I am doing for over 15 years now. My hubby sometimes complains that I pay more attention to the little insects flying around than to him :). So, that day was dedicated to photography of fruits in a colander, and the very same day I also did a smaller study of 3 cherries and started to paint this still life of cherries in the colander. Don't ask why it took so long to finish it! It took like forever to decide how to go on, and every time I was looking at it I was changing my mind again and again. The painting is approximately 10x7 inch in size, and it is done with W&N and Daniel Smith watercolor paints on Arches 140 lb CP paper.

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