Sunday, 22 March 2015

Autumn leaves and water drops

Back in November 2014 I did a few studies and paintings of autumn leaves and water drops, that I didn't manage to scan until the previous days. Although it is not the right season for this subject, you might like to see them. I had some reference photos taken on a rainy day, during a short sunny spot, with some leaves still holding on the tree. I started these studies to prepare a short demo for the watercolor workshop, working on the simplest composition, but then I moved on to a more complex painting and with a stronger blue sky, which I like a lot how it come out in the end.

Here is the final painting, watercolor on paper, size ~10x7 inches.

 This is the smaller study that I started with (5x7 inches):

Here is the simplified version that we worked with during the workshop (again 5x7 inches):

And this is an imaginary study of water drops on a plant leaves, just to show how to make the drops and their cast shadow:

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  1. All of these look great! I just love the final painting!!! The rich blue sky really sets off the colors in the leaves. Your shading on the water drops in the last one is great! You should do more of these.