Friday, 3 April 2015

Sailing - small seascape study

This small seascape study was intended as a test of a new student quality paper I found to one of the library stores in the city, namely Hahnemuhle Britania (300 gr) watercolor paper. I have been asked by the ladies following the workshop at the community center about a good enough paper for them to practice at home, but keeping it at an affordable price and easy for them to find. I have used Cotman watercolor paper, and I know it is quite good, but the Hahnemuhle paper is even cheaper.
I did cut the paper in small size to also give it to the ladies to test by themselves to decide, and also did a test myself on a card-size piece of paper (~4x6 inches).

The paper takes well a few washes and has a good absorbancy. The colors moves quite ok, but still it get dry faster than artist quality papers I have used so far. Also it gets very buckled when wet, so any larger size has to be stretched on a board. However, it is a good choice for students and beginners, who do not afford artist quality watercolor paper.

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