Monday, 20 July 2015

The "overseas" surprise - Mijello sample colors arrived

Quite a few months ago I came across with an announcement (it could be on WetCanvas I saw it) about a free sample of Mijello Watercolors distributed by Martin F. Weber Co. When entered their site at weberart, I felt a bit of disappointment because they were only shipping to USA, Puerto Rico and Canada, but I did experience that before and found a way around. Luckily for me, my sister-in-law lives in USA, and she usually comes to Greece each year. If it is not something heavy or very big, she brings it to me. So, I did fill in the order form for the free sample, and explained why the address is not my actual address. Furthermore, in the special requests field I also mentioned the workshop I teach at the Community Center, and asked for additional samples for the ladies to test at the workshop, if possible.
And guess what??? My sister-in-law just arrived to Greece, with a surprise for me - the Mijello sample colors, which I asked for months ago and she never told me over the phone that were sent to her!

And, yes, they were so kind to send me additional sample sets for our workshop! Although each set has only has two sample colors (Mijello Blue and Peacock Blue), I am sure they will be of great use for our seascape paintings when we will start again in September!

The surprise did not stop there, the package also contained one full set of 9 tubes (7 ml each) of the Mijello watercolors for me to try, which you can see bellow.

I must say that this made my day!!! It is difficult to believe that a few tubes of watercolors would bring such a reaction, but I am in a "happy corner" all day long, and thinking about the best way to test my new colors! Of course, the usual swatches and preparation of light exposure tests will follow (by the way, I just got from outside the Camel test colors, which have been exposed to strong sunlight for over 12 months now - results to follow soon), but I would also like to have a comparison of Mijello watercolors with other brands I have in a small series of paintings. I just need to figure out which similar colors I have from at least another 2 brands, and which subject would be best for the resulted palette.

I would like to close this post by saying thank you again to Kelly Elizabeth Clawson, the Brand Manager at Mission Gold by Mijello for this wonderful surprise!

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  1. How nice that they sent you a sample package to test and samples for the students too. Glad you had someone who could receive the package and deliver it when they visited. What a nice surprise!