Friday, 21 April 2017

Another take on the three pears

Exploring another limited palette to achieve high color contrast, in this little watercolor (card size) I used some colors which are not on my usual palette: Sennelier Pthalo Turquoise, Camel Permanent Yellow Deep, and Rembrandt Transparent Red Oxide. I like the result very much, and I came to the conclusion that I love the Pthalo Turquoise. I am going to test the Permanent Yellow Deep other manufacturers (probably Sennelier and W&N) to add it to my extended palette (I got a new box which holds up to 48 half-pans - many colors to add). I am not so sure that I like or need the Transparent Red Oxide - maybe I just didn't exploit it at full potential. It is a nice earth red, but when it dries it is a bit dull, and without mixing it with the yellow I wouldn't like it for this still life. It might be a good choice for landscape paintings.


  1. Love the shading on the pears! Great color for the background.

    1. Thank you very much Joan! Yes, that Pthalo Turquoise from Sennelier is beautiful both alone, and mixed with other pigments. I really like it!