Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The failure is part of the learning

Yep, that is very much true! I am looking to some other fellows blogs from time to time, and I can only see their "best" over there, they never mention the paintings they are not happy with, or they consider a failure. But I am sure they also experience frustration of the painting not coming out as they wished. Since I am not a well "established" artist, I am not shame to admit that I do not like many of my paintings, as my initial intent was to get something completely different. Previous weekend, in the village, while my boy was asleep I was looking to some Spring photos I took with my tablet outdoor and had the idea to have it a go to some little ACEO flowers without preliminary sketches, and the result, especially for one of them was a real disaster. LOL - that is part of the learning too! Of course, do not bother to comment on this one!

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