Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Kennedy Range National Park - thank you Ros for the wonderful virtual trip!

We had the pleasure to travel to Australian landscapes, which are quite different of the ones I am used to.  This wonderful virtual trip was offered to us on WetCanvas in the AMAE (all media art events) forum, by our host Ros (aka rozzi on wetcanvas) for the June 28 WDE (weekend drawing event). Among the 16 images, I selected this one of the Kennedy Range National Park, to try my hand at a different landscape - all this stone and desert like land that I never painted before. The painting is done on a 90 lb CP Garzapapel watercolor paper, and has the size of approximately 7x5 inches. This paper is from the samples I received from Garza, and I was looking forward to test it, as I never used 90 lb paper before from any manufacturer, as I prefer heavier paper (140 lb). Although small size, the paper was buckling when a larger area was wet, but the very good thing was that it would get again completely flat when dry. It is quite receptive to paint, and it stays moist long enough to work the washes (I don't know about much larger areas), which I didn't expect from light papers to do. In the future I will consider testing the 90 lb paper from other manufacturers too, as for small sizes seems to work fine.

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