Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Did and didn't do in 2014... and Happy New Year!!!

During the last days of 2014 I was looking back to how the year was, and what I did and didn't do from my long list that I had done back in January 2014. I am quite happy with my achievements, although there are a few things left behind. I definitely painted much more than in any of the previous years, and making more paintings and studies is again in the top priorities for the new year too. One of the most important achievements is my work towards better understanding watercolor pigments and the various studies that helped me test my materials.
The watercolor workshop for elderly, which started in September 2014 and will continue until end of June 2015, is something that gives me joy every week. I managed to buy materials for a group of 10 ladies, and at least 7 of them are following the workshop regularly and work with much enthusiasm both during the classes and at home, which is much more than I actually expected. When we started, I was only hopping to have 2-3 of them getting really into the watercolor fun.

What was on my list for 2014, and didn't went so well: I didn't paint so many marine, landscape and portrait paintings, I didn't paint much outdoors, I didn't manage to approach a local gallery to see my options for sales in the city, and I wished I had more time for the two blogs and a regular newsletter.

I wish you all the best for 2015!!!

And here is one of the latest paintings I did in 2014, my card for the winter celebration and the New Year wishes!


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