Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Contrasts: the young boy and the old olive trees

We spent our summer vacation in my husband birth-home, in a small mountain village called Kampi (Zakynthos Island, Greece), where we are actually spending at least 3 weeks every summer during the last 10 years now. We also go there very often all year long, and we spend Christmas and Easter holidays there, in a family and Greek traditional atmosphere. The major occupation of the people living permanently in the village is agriculture, with olive trees culture and olive oil production playing the most important role in their everyday life. They also make wine, and some of them are beekeepers (my husband is among them, although it is more for hobby), and grow up goats and sheep to make the wonderful feta cheese. Anyway, during the vacation, we spent many hours taking long walks outdoors, me taking pictures and my little son enjoying the freedom to run on the country roads without being disturbed by cars or any vehicles. The contrasting image, of my little son walking between the hundreds of years old olive trees, attracted me very much, and I wanted to have a memory of it.
Although summer is almost gone here, this Summer Memory will bring sunshine to all the autumn and winter days to come. I hope you enjoy it. The painting has a size of approximately 10x7 inch and it is done on Arches 140 lb HP paper, with Sennelier and Daniel Smith watercolors.

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