Monday, 30 June 2014

Garzapapel paper testing (3) - foliage and petals of the hibiscus flowers

When the background wash was completely dry I started to work on the green leaves and petals of the hibiscus. The differences in the various papers behavior were not really so big, and the following photos give you an overview of a few more steps and the final little paintings (the order is always the same - Garza, Arches, Fabriano).

First wash of yellow on the leaves:

Building up the greens:

 Hibiscus flowers petal wok - intermediary step:

And the final little paintings, scanned to give the true colors and details:

Now that all 3 are ready, I think it was a very good experience to them in parallel and keep notes while working, as this in the end allowed me a more objective evaluation of all papers, even if I was used to the feeling and behavior of Fabriano and Arches papers. I would say that Arches and Garzapapel are more suitable to work "at once", as they remain moist for longer time, and you can keep working a wash for much longer time. Fabriano dries faster and allows easier the glazing, as you do not need to wait for the next day to lay a new wash. At least this applies for these small paper size that I used.
I would say that the decision to choose any of these 3 papers in the future will be mostly affected by their availability in the retail shops (unfortunately right now none of them is available in Patras), their price and discounts in the e-shops and the shipping costs. Although I find paper as fabulous prices in online shop (i.e. Fabriano in Italy), when adding the shipping costs, the real cost per sheet goes very high, as I cannot stock at once hundreds of sheets.

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