Friday, 7 February 2014

Close view of a Red Tulip - spring mood!

Some quite very long time ago, back in 2004, when we visited Amsterdam, I got back with a selection of tulip bulbs. Of course, it is Netherlands that we are talking about!!! I planted them in small pots on the balcony and got about 50% of them coming out nicely and the beautiful tulips made that Spring colorful! Not sure what went wrong with the rest of them, I suppose the soil and watering were not the proper ones for some of the delicate species. I took some photos back then, and kept them in my reference folder for future use. Actually I have tons of photos taken since I got my first digital camera, an Olympus C-760 UltraZoom with 10x optical zoom, which I loved because I could get fantastic close up and make every little wildflower look so special! This painting is based on one of those old photos of my tulips from the Amsterdam bulbs, of which I was very proud at the time. It is an watercolor painting (Daniel Smith and W&N watercolors) on Waterford 140 lb CP paper, and I hope it brings a bit of spring color and feeling to your heart! Enjoy!

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