Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Rose Hips - Autumns Reds

Rose hips are always very attractive to me, due to their colorful brilliance, ranging from yellows to vibrant reds and down to brownish colors when are starting to dry and only the outer skin of the fruit remains. A few leaves in autumn colors, a lovely blue sky or the green textures of the branches make the picture perfect. This is what I felt when I saw a beautiful photo posted in the WDE by our host previous weekend, DLT (thank you for the beautiful reference photo!). I only selected a small crop of the photo, and changed a bit the composition to get the diagonal layout, trying to keep the feeling of sunshine on the hips. I painted this one with W&N and Daniel Smith watercolors on a small piece of 7x5 inches of Kilimanjaro 140 lb CP paper.

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