Thursday, 13 February 2014

White Rock-Rose (Cistus hybridus)

Cistus species are quite common in the Mediterranean area, and especially in our little village in Zakynthos Island, which makes them a bit underestimated - nobody is looking closely to notice their beauty anymore when are so many of them around! Although it is quite cold (for me) this period of the year to work plain air, while taking my walks around the village I always take a few photos of these beautiful and delicate flowers. I already did a small ACEO of a pink rock-rose (the Cistus creticus species), and wanted to further explore contrasts with this white species. The foliage of the bush is dark green with mauve and brown, making the white rock-rose more prominent. This time I did a slightly larger painting, of aproximately 7x5 inches, with W&N and Daniel Smith watercolors on Kilimanjaro 140 lb CP paper.
It happen that I came across with this wonderful website of Bob, The Cistus&Halimium Website, where you can find lots of useful information and details about all the Cistus species! Great job Bob!

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