Saturday, 17 June 2017

Larger version of the three pears

At the last workshop session we had at the Community Center, one of the ladies was concerned either it is ok or not to paint the same thing more than once. Another artist told her that she should not paint the same thing again and again. While I am not sure what was the reason for that comment, I did explain to the group that it is fine to make first your smaller studies and then go to the bigger painting, and that means that you actually paint the same thing more than once. Of course, except of changing the size, for sure there is a difference in detail and eventually other composition or palette changes between the studies and the final painting. Even when you paint the same size again, I assume you do it for a reason - you improve something, you want to explore another path, etc.
This brings me to my multiple paintings of the same subject. In the winter I have actually painted the "Three pears" 4 times: two small size studies (7x5 inches) which I have already shared in previous posts (I sent one of them to the TAE2017), and two larger paintings (10x10 inches) which I only managed to scan yesterday. The one bellow is the larger version of the yellow pears.

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  1. Many artists paint the same subjects and locations many, many times...and each time is different. I like the way the pears overlap, have shadows, and reflect onto the table.