Friday, 16 June 2017

Policeman and Old Woman in Mexico

Two days ago I saw the reference photo shared by Doug on WetCanvas for the June 2017 watercolor challenge, and for some reason that I cannot figure out it just clicked to me, although I do not paint that much people or street scenes  in general. The photograph was taken in 2015 in San Miguel, Mexico, and it was shared by Doug as a reference image with kind permission of bumfuzzle (Ali and Pat) who are a family traveling the world together.

In this study (10x7 inches) I did a few composition changes, to make a better connection between the policeman (placed them closer such that the papers touch her, moved the window towards the left side, removed the heavy metal frame, etc), and the major scope was to capture the light on the policeman, which I think it worked fine.

I think it will make a beautiful larger painting, but I still need to workout some of the "story telling" details.

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